Welcome to the Week of Prayer!

Thank you for joining us as we dedicate this week to prayer. It is our hope that you will take time out of each day to pray for specific needs in your life and in our church. Every day we will be focusing our prayer on a different theme or topic, and together we will learn to be bold, persistent and worshipful in our prayer life.

Click on the options below to learn more about how we are praying and how you can join in!

7 Days of prayer

  • wednesday: 24 hours of prayer

    We are spending Wednesday, November 7 in constant prayer. We want to spend the whole day in prayer as a church, so join us by signing up for a time slot to devote to prayer as an individual or as a family. Slots are available in 30-minute increments. You can sign up at our service on November 4, or contact us and let us know what time(s) you would like to commit to prayer that day.

    Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Romans 12:12

    Rejoice with thanksgiving for:

    • Who God is
    • What He's done
    • How he's at work now
  • Tuesday: Pray for People

    Today, lift up other people in your life before the Lord. What needs do you see in other people? Be praying for your husband or wife, that they would chase hard after God. Pray for your kids that they would be lights in the world. Pray for your friends. Pray for the people at work. Pray for the people leading our country. The list is as numerous as there are people in your life.

    Read: Ephesians 6:18, 1 Timothy 2:1

    Pray for:

    • Family
    • Friends (pick 10 Facebook friends, too)
    • Co-workers, church family, small group, and government leaders
  • Monday: Pray with Purpose

    What is it that God has set on your heart to be praying for? Too often, we try to change things or people completely under our own effort and ignore the promises and power of God. Bring your requests to the Lord today. Pray for our church as we acquire the new building. Pray for an increase in the number of disciples in Traverse City. Pray for God to be at work!

    Read: John 14:13, Philippians 4:6, Luke 18:1

    My top 3 requests are:

    • ______________________
    • ______________________
    • ______________________
  • Saturday: Pray with A partner

    The Christian life is not meant to be done alone, and prayer is no exception. Find some people to pray with. This is a key way that we can experience the fellowship that God intends for us. Schedule a time to meet with a couple people today. Or spend some time praying together as a family. Let this be a time that we can walk with one another as we pursue Christ.

    Read: Matthew 18:20 and plan to pray with others (your family, someone in your small group, your spouse, or a friend) today.

  • Friday: Pray...in A Place

    Choose a place, or group of places that you want to specifically pray for today. Go to that place. Pray there that God would move, that God would grow his kingdom in that place. Maybe it is your home, your neighborhood, your kids' school, or our new church building. Dedicate that place to the Lord and his purposes in it.

    Read: Matthew 6:9-13

    Choose 3 different places to pray for today. Go there if you can and pray for God's will to be done. (home, school, work, new church building!)

  • Thursday: Pray & Fast

    We want to practice the biblical discipline of fasting on this day. Fasting is a way that we can express a heart that longs for and desires God. More than physical food, we are showing that we want the Bread of Life. We want to hunger and thirst after righteousness. Use this day to grow in your desire to know God and to eliminate obstacles to God in your life.

    Read: Luke 4:1-4

    Fast for a designated amount of time (if you should talk with your doctor, do so) so that you know what "hungry" feels like. With every hunger pang, let it trigger prayer to God.

  • Sunday: Pray Scripture

    God's Word is full of praises to our King and requests for his help. Especially when we don't know what to pray, we can always turn to the Bible to help us. As you pray through a passage of Scripture, we encourage you to speak words of reverence to God, ask him to reveal what he wants in your life, to respond to what it says, and to make requests of God.

    Read: Psalm 27. Pause to pray after each verse, focusing on:

    • Reverence: What does this verse reveal about God?
    • Reveal: What does this verse reveal about you or your life?
    • Respond: Is there a response from you (confession, repentance) that is honorable before God?
    • Request: Is there a request from God you should ask for (for yourself or others)?